Bondaged & Dominated Girls

These girls look super sexy and love to be slaves.They are perfect slaves . They are as sexy submissive women give in to deep desire for spanking, rope bondage, slapping, whipping. These girls submissive sexual fantasies are not only about being tied up,they begging for beating.

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free picture Evelyne Foxy

Evelyne Foxy

I was looking for slave in the city. I followed the victim, I spied after her, I waited a moment then I got her. I picked up for you guys, I show it to you.

free picture Mercedes White

Mercedes White

She doesn't know is she is being followed and watched by bad guy, me. I'm horny and brave since last time (Hunting a slave in the city. The redhead victim.) when I had a successful capture. She is sexy blonde and tall. I want to fuck her in the ass, but before I want to play with her. I was looking for a sex slave in the city.

free picture Betty Style

Betty Style

Betty is a 29 years old little bitch. She loves to feel male domination in her bed. In her private life she is in humiliated relationship also. Her dom is daily humiliates her. I love her "enjoy" face during I dominate her:

free Angela Winters

Angela Winters

Fully suspended and lifted high up in the air, this damsel gets a ponytail butt plug in her tight ass,to prepare her hole for what was obvious to come. She obeys his wishes and lifts her ass and opens it up for him. Master instantly pushing his hard, throbbing cock inside which will make her scream with pleasure!

free picture Demi Blue

Demi Blue

Demi is 38 years old. She is a unbearable fucking slut in private life. Never good enough what she gets. Moaning person and she thinks everything is around her. She don't like big dicks. Nick is a right guy to punish her:

free picture Linda Ray

Linda Ray

Linda 26 years old proud girl. She is a nymphomaniac in her private life. She loves the really big dicks. Very usable sex toy she is. She is thankful to everyone who she meets, for sucking and fucking. Lovely whore desperated while Antonio treated her:

free picture Yoha


This latin beauty from Columbia likes to be submissive. She is so horny if she feels herself under man power. And this Master know how to play with his victim.

free picture Micho Lechter

Micho Lechter

Watch how he enjoys his work on Miho as he threatens her with a lit cigarette, whips her ass and gets his cock sucked and fucks her while she's being kept in bound!

free picture Zyna


Zynga Antonio's wife, is doing businesses while her husband away. She has special guests and spank them, wearing nice lingerie. The husband Antonio, suspect that something is happening, while he is on his business trip. He place a secret camera in the bedroom...

free picture Sierra


The young nymphomaniac slave tied strictly and ready to have her hard treatment. She has to change her behavior soon when, her lovely face got face slapped. She wants to be a prey, but she is not expected hars pain. She has to forget vanilla romantic sex here. Her submission is necessary and expected..

free picture Rebeca Contreras


Take peeing in the park can be very dangerous. Especially when strange man notice it.. Beautiful girl in vain hurry to college, because she can't get there... Instead of her exam, she has captured and bound in deep basement. She is naked and tied.She's in vain begging for getting free, he has another plan.

free picture Valerie Follas


His only rule is: peremptory obedience. She has to balancing herself on the edge of the toilet and it's not an easy role, especially if he is spanking her hard with the cane in her mouth. He also likes to humiliate her, like push her head in the toilet. First he flogging her hard, he forced her this way to obedient cock sucking.

free picture Jenny Baby

Jenny Baby

Jenny is 21 years old petite girl. Sweetheart type. She is a little tiny girl and she loves sex a lot. But with Zenza is not a romance dating here. He humiliates her and after fucks her strong, what she is never ever forget:

free picture Baley


The innocent hot slut hands and legs tied together and suspended, she is absolute open and easy prey for hard games. She is nervous of course, she don't knows what's coming next. Next is pussy whipping, pussy slapping, nipple playing,intensive torment.

free picture Honey Damon


She was always obsessed to rough sex. She loves it when the man treats her like a whore in the bed and often fantasizes about being taken by someone. And you can be sure that this slut's mind is dirty as hell and thinks about being bonded, tormented by some guy..

free picture Sabrinka


22 years old gorgeous and submissive damsel. Her cunt gets wet during domination, in rope bondage. She likes when ropes keep her tight. She is a kinky sweetheart. She enjoys anal sex a lot. She loves to being my slave. Her first ever bound scene is excites her, she has a few bond orgasms here:

free picture Sabrina Rose

Sabrina Rose

Her hands are tied to the chair, her big boobs are bound, her nice big pussy is exposed for the camera. Her Master arrives and without one word starts to play on her beautiful body with his sharp pins. The first target is her big boobs and her hard nipples...She is heavily squirting -piss movie- during bound orgasms

free picture Barbie Pink

Barbie Pink

She's walking down the street when a car pulls over with four guys inside. They make her a decent offer, but she's reluctant to get in the car with so many unknown guys inside, and when they suddenly get out she decides to make a run for it, but the guys are faster... A real gang kidnapping and torturing "extravaganza".

free picture Madison Parker

Madison Parker

She loves to play the submissive role, she is a perfect slave. Gorgeous look and kinky mind. She needs to asking for cum, she does it, but not in a right way. Frank stops her orgasms, she is almost cum.

free picture Clarisa Leone

Clarisa Leone

She is a roadside hooker who is waiting for her next customer when a jeep pulls up. It looks like it's just business as usual, with an unsuspecting girl getting in the car to complete her end of the deal. She starts working on the client when she is suddenly whacked unconscious.

free picture Amanda Wamp

Amanda Wamp

She has an ugly argument with her boyfriend and decides to hitchhike back to Prague. She soon catches a ride, but little girl does not know that the driver is the dark and perverted Dom Master, and that their destination is not Prague but a dark cellar

free picture Bonny Bon

Bonny Bon

Bonny Bone, 35 years old hungarian real submissive female. She is also on anal queen. Her fetish is if she is treated like a pain slut. Her pussy squirts heavily while she get's deep throat or she fucked roughly in her ass. Real real pain lover. She is my best model far away. She is born to be slave.She gets what she deserves:

free picture Conny Ferrara

Cony Ferrara

Cony is 34 years old and she is a kinky whore. In her private life she is a big mouth girl, with a hooker look. She doesn't likes to getting humiliation. She loves perverted sex in her private life to, like: fingering male asshole during sex, piss back and forth, swallowing semen. Antony humiliates her and treats her hard:

Kyra Black
free picture Kyra Black

Kyra Black

Kyra Black is 24 years old. The perfect mix of hungarian and arabic ethnic. She loves to being queen, but at the same time she also likes if guys are the dominant in the sex. She is a silent sexy girl in her private life. I fuck her untill she comes few times:

Kyra Black
free picture Greta


Greta is 28 years old hungarian girl. She doesn't likes rough sex at all. She is prude in her private life, she likes to act like primadonna. She loves when the guys worships her. Antonys behavior is not exactly her style:

free picture Maya B.

Maya B.

Maya is 19 years old bimbo. She is growed up in institute. This means, she is still a wild child. In her real life she has knife in her back pocket. I give her a bit of lesson, how to behave obediently:

free picture bondage sex with Winnie


Winnie is 43 years old, most beautiful milf I fucked with. She is one of my favorite milf. Sexy, kinky, nasty in sex. She loves young guys,strong dick and strong fuck. She loves it in the ass and also ass to mouth games, she dosen't likes to being forced, but she likes male domination.She enjoyed like I treated her:

free picture Amanda Baby

Amanda Baby

She is 22 years old, but looks much younger. She is submissive for real, in her private life also. That kind of doll, you can use for your own pleasure. You can do with her everything you like, she wouldn't say "no". Perfect use her like sex slave. Same like I did:

free picture Alexandra


Alexandra is 27 years old slovakian girl. She is amazing personality in private life. She likes bigger dicks and she likes the thick ones. Her clit is growing big, when guys stimulates her. She needs special style of sex to excites her to orgasm. I fucked her like this:

free picture bondage sex with Bonny Bone

Bonny Bon

Bonny Bone, 35 years old hungarian real submissive female. She is also on anal queen. Her fetish is if she is treated like a pain slut. Her pussy squirts heavily while she get's deep throat or she fucked roughly in her ass. Real real pain lover. She is my best model far away. She is born to be slave.She gets what she deserves:

free picture Viktoria Blond

Viktoria Blond

Viktoria is 29 years old. She is a smiley girl, with nasty fantasie. She loves in her private life anal sex and ass to mouth games, she also likes to lick off males hairy ass. She prefers smaller dicks. She is fucked with a big one here:

free picture bondage sex with Orsay


Orsay is 26 years old. She is like a toy, you can do with her what you want in sex. Never says 'no'. She enjoys old guys also in her private life, pissing back and forth, she likes also to swallowing piss. I used her well and satisfy myself with her here:

free picture Lily Love

Lily Love

She is 24 years old. Primadonna style in private life. She is the one, who thinks more about herself then she should. She is the kind who always complains of things. Nick don't hesitated to punish her with hard face slapping:

free picture Jenny Brithney

Jenny Brithney

Jenny Britney is 23 years old. She is a devil. She grows up in a institution and has no control of herself. She loves drinking a lot. She is a squirting queen. If the guys fucks her wild enough, her pussy squirts a lot. If you want to discipline her she is fighting back.But not for Nick:

free picture Lara


Lara is 29 years old. She is a mad girl. I know she is not looks like mad. She is always wants something other than you. Always complaining thinks. It was pleasure to dominate and fuck this slut:

free picture Sandra Parker

Sandra Parker

Sandra is 28 years old. Her behavior is classic hooker style. Big mouth, big tits, she is very open minded, she loves gay and bisexual people. She has sex with anyone, who comes face to her on the street.She likes to being under controll. And I dominate her:

free picture Trinity


Trinity is 27 years old and extremely pretty girl. On top of that, she is crazy for the rough sex. She loves any kind of sex: anal, oral, pussy. Her favorite is the big dick in her ass and during choked. Then she cums easy:

free picture Angelina Crow

Angelina Crow

Angelina is 28 years old. Wonderful girl, with a big heart. When first I met her, she had the first anal scene. She was scared and shy. Then later she became an anal queen. But when I enslaved her, she was not happy about it:

free picture Szilvia Lauren

Szilvia Lauren

Szilvia is 36 years old, but you can't tell. Also you can't imagine, how submissive in her sexual life she is. Her favorite job is to perform for: perfect slaves. She loves to suffering. You can see her torturings and forced for sex with Nick:

free picture Angelic Diamond

Angelic Diamond

Angelic is 25 years old and she is the absolute pain slut. She don't really loves pain, but she can tolerates much more, than others. In her private life she loves drinking pee and she is into hard games. She has really hard torturing time with Antonio:

free picture Afrodithe


Afrodithe is the 29 years old gipsy slut. She is a liar. She promises a lot and don't keep it at all. So she has lots of trouble around her. She doesn't likes big dick in her private life. Nick humiliates her and fucks her cruelly without mercy:

free picture Zafira White

Zafira White

Zafira is 23 years old. She is a sensitive girl with big heart and deep soul. She loves everything normal in her life. She is a "follows in love easy" type of girl.And she is good servant for the man, who she is follow in love. Here she get's something tottaly different:

free picture Bell


Bell is 40 years old beautiful woman. Natural body nice smile. She know what is she wants in her life. When I first met her she said she doesn't like handsome guys. I ask her why? She said : they always tink about themselves.I little bit suprise her here with my attitude:

free picture Amanda Black

Amanda Black

Amanda is 24 years old romanian girl. She is pretty and lovely sex loving person. Deep in her soul she is submissive girl. She likes older good looking guys in her private life. Here I dominate her and I fuck her fat pussy:

free picture Angelic Diamond

Angelic Diamond

Angelic is 30 years old. She is a kinky and horny whore I ever see. She loves to being enslaved and humiliated. Her cunt is always wet and slippery. She loves to drinking pee. We treat her hard in this movie:

free picture Kathy Parker

Kathy Parker

Kathy is 39 years old wonderful slave souled woman. Her gorgeous big natural boobs are amazing. She is kind of woman who has a series oragasm, while she is sexualy abused. She loves fear. Nick is perfect partner:

free picture Andy Moon

Andy Moon

Andy is 44 years old sexy mom. Her big boobs are amazing. She loves sex, often shows up in hungarian swinger clubs. In her private life she likes wet games like pissing on each other. All perversions what Lauro did with her she takes it with submission:

free picture Zyna Baby

Zyna Baby

Zyna is 18 years old, just 18 and she is cute and submissive type also. She is perfect habitude, to dominate on her. She is lovely doll and it's always good to have one in the BDSM studio. Antony perfectly use her:

free picture Caterina Cox

Caterina Cox

Caterina is 26 years old. She likes the nightlife very much. Very quiet girl in her private life. She likes to being treated like a sub girl. She hates humiliation, but Antony is just don't care:

free picture Aletta Ocean

Aletta Ocean

She is a helluva hot, and you'd think she's not open to domination at all... But you're wrong! She totally enjoyed it as Master tied her arms and legs and made her cum several times. At first she tried to resist but the electric clit stimulator was buzzing so hard on her throbbing clit she was not able to hold herself back...

free picture Zafira


That the ropes cut deep into her tender skin, leaving painful bruises.But her Master is a professional dom, he knows how to give pain and pleasure at same time. She gets extremely excited in her submissive role and she comes loudly and her pussy spread out wet when her Master fucks her with a dildo.

free picture Pamela


Pamela is 27 years old busty girl. She loves rough sex in her private life too.Her excitement is when she feels a little fear and desperation about to having sex with strangers. This is exactlie what she get's here:

free picture Cindy Hope

Cindy Hope

Sindy is a 23 year old selfish woman. Too proud about herself. She is like: I need a boyfriend who pays my expenses and rents. That's fine! She is beautiful in life too! But here I don't pay for just nothing. I want humiliate her and not giving what she realy wants:

free picture Sarah Simon

Sarah Simon

Busty MILF arrives to our garage for a complete engine check, but soon finds herself hogtied in the back room. The mechanic she spoke to so arrogantly is now taking control over the sobbing blonde and it seems power hierarchy turned.

free picture Jessica Moore

Jessica Moore

Super busty Jessica thought she's much superior to the car mechanic. She spoke to him as if she was speaking to a dog. But situation changed immediately as she found herself hogtied, with a tight boobs bondage, nipples painfully clamped with weight.

free picture Nikky Thorne

Niki Thorne

When I was a waiter once a local gangster had dinner with his new girlfriend.The girl flirt with me while I serve the dinner. When the gangster got a phone call and went out and not came back, I thought I have time for a nice blowjobs, but it's all turned wrong way when he comes back.

free picture Clarissa


She knew exactly she was in trouble but she was hoping she wouldn't get punished. Bitches think that just because they have a pussy, everything can be forgotten for them. But no!

free picture Alison Star

Alison Star

She was kidnapped and confused, she found the situation bizarre, dangerous and exciting at the same time. She only realized that it was all serious when Master bound her arms and she couldn't escape at all.

free picture Jasmin


The beauty is struggling in strictly bound position on the floor. Her arms and legs are tied and she is totally helpless. The ropes deeply cuts into her beautiful skin and she is almost cries. Painful position that's for sure. She has no chance to escape the kinky torments what awaiting her.

free picture Black Sonja

Black Sonja

Two girls go shopping for fetish clothes, but a very expensive piece somehow makes it into the girls bag and they forget to pay for it on the way out. Unfortunately they are caught by the shop owner who gives them two choices: he either calls the cops, or he will punish them himself

free picture Chanel


Two damsel go shopping for fetish clothes, but a very expensive piece somehow makes it into the girls bag and they forget to pay for it on the way out. Unfortunately they are caught by the shop owner who gives them two choices: he either calls the cops, or he will punish them himself.

free picture Candy Blond

Candy Blonde

When the two couples meet at a club for a few drinks, the conversation quickly turns to sex. It turns out that the girls feel that their sex lives could use a little spicing up after being together with their boyfriends for so long.

free picture Giggy


Master tied her up and left her all alone in the dark basement so she would have time to think about why she is here. She's been there for over a day now, so she's probably started to panic by now. Master decides to trained her to be good sucking and fuck slave.

free picture Sinead


She and her hubby run a small shop selling fetish clothes. One day they are visited by an officer, asking for the official documents. She tries to bribe the strict officer with some cash but gets herself into even more trouble. Sinead offers her own body, not knowing that this time it'll be more than a simple blowjob...